Crane and hoist rentals from Tall Crane come backed by our excellent service and safety record. With the best response time in the industry, our lifting equipment rentals give our clients the most reliable temporary systems for hoisting equipment and personnel.

All elevator and hoist rentals are installed and maintained by fully trained and certified mechanics with years of service in the industry. Our safety record and industry-leading standards have made us the leading authority on workplace hoist installation and service. Before installation, every one of our hoists undergoes rigorous testing and upkeep and is monitored by our crew during its time of operation. The experience we have gained as a company equips us to make recommendations on the best elevators and hoists for any specific purpose. Whether you need a dual cage hoist, two hoists side by side, or any other type of hoisting apparatus, we can set your site up with the necessary equipment.

Cranes and hoists rented from Tall Cranes come with an exceptional full-service guarantee. If any of our hoists break down, we will fix them as quickly as possible, keeping your jobsite operational. Due to our vast experience in the hoist and crane industry, we are able to install or repair any equipment with extreme efficiency. Routine safety inspections and maintenance checkups are part of our rental services, so in the even that a hoist does malfunction, it will seldom be caused by the wear and tear of time.

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